Webinar 52: COVID-19 and Education: What’s the Future of School?

A panel featuring Antônio Gois (O Globo/The Brazilian Association of Education Reporters – Jeduca), Emiliana Vegas (Brookings Institution), and journalist Chika Oduah, moderated by Erik Robelen, deputy director of the Education Writers Association (EWA).

This event was organized by the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) in collaboration with EWA. The pandemic has made stark the glaring worldwide inequities in access to education. Many now-shuttered schools in marginalized communities haven’t been able to provide their students with any meaningful instruction at all.

Those in wealthier communities are offering online classes of varying quality. And a growing number of the rich are setting up small private “pods” or mini-schools to ensure their kids get in-person tutoring. This webinar features experts and education journalists to discuss the challenges around reopening schools during a pandemic, as well as the winners and losers of lockdowns when communities lack access to WiFi or healthcare.

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