In a report published by the French magazine “sante plus”, a young doctor who was infected with the virus spoke about her experience with the epidemic, and how she managed to overcome her ordeal.

Doctor Jehanne Julien-Banica (37 years) works in the emergency department of a New York hospital, and when the Coronavirus first appeared in the city, she worked tirelessly to treat patients of the virus.

She was wearing protective medical gear and was taking all the precautions recommended by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Despite the preventive measures, she was infected with the virus and suffered from it for two weeks.

Here is her journey:

  • April 4-6: Fatigue, night-sweating, and headache

Jehanne said that she was so exhausted all weekend, as she was sweating at night and she spent her time sleeping, she thought it was simple, that she just needed a little rest, and no reason to feel concerned.

But the feeling of extreme tiredness continued even after she went to the medical center, and suddenly she had a severe headache and felt dizzy, and her colleagues told her that she had become pale, and they asked her to sit on a chair to be examined, then she took a Covid-19 test, and was asked to stay at home.

  • April 7-9: symptoms became more severe

Jehanne indicated that her feeling of fatigue doubled, and she suffered from constant migraines, and although the possibility of her being infected with the virus was great, her husband insisted on staying near her to take care of her, and they were wearing surgical masks.

During the next few days, Jehanne was unable to get out of bed, started coughing, and was suffering from difficulty of breathing and pain in her throat and chest. In addition to that, she lost her appetite and only consumed soup and tea, which made her lose weight.

  • April 10-13: tough times

On April 10, Jehanne received a phone call informing her that she and her husband had the virus. Her husband had only shown mild symptoms such as a sore throat and cough, but Jehanne was in severe pain and woke up with coughing fits that lasted for two minutes.

  • April 14-18: Condition improves

After 10 days of suffering from the disease, Jehanne’s health had improved remarkably, she was breathing better, and she felt that the pain in her chest was gradually disappearing. She had lost her sense of smell during the illness, but she started to regain her senses.

According to Jehanne and her husband’s experience, and judging from the symptoms that they had shown, the severity of the disease differs from one person to another.

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