Coronavirus: North Tees nurse returns to work after fighting Covid-19

A nurse who was treated for coronavirus at the hospital where she worked has returned to her ward.

Millie Magadlela spent three days on a ventilator in the critical care unit of the University Hospital of North Tees after becoming unwell in March.

The 59-year-old from Stockton, was applauded out of the unit by medical staff after fighting Covid-19.

She said to be looking at the room where her colleagues “saved her life” a few months ago was “amazing.”

Millie, who works in the surgical decision unit at the hospital, started feeling unwell on 29 March after returning home following a shift.

Over a few days she developed more symptoms and was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Millie, who has worked for 39 years, said: “I didn’t have words to say it, because I saw all these people outside clapping their hands, cheering, you know, they showed so much love, so much compassion, empathy, kindness, I mean I couldn’t ask for more and I said, ‘oh my god, these people, they have saved my life’.”

Returning on Friday, she said: “I just told myself, ‘yes Millie, you made the right decision, go to that place where you got this virus, go and face it and once you’re there, you might feel better’.”

Ward matron Shirley Mealing said: “I think she’s really, really brave. Personally I think I would’ve been pretty terrified coming back.

“I think the biggest thing has been crossing the threshold, getting into the hospital, seeing all her friends and everybody made her really welcome.

“We were just all so pleased to see her back.”

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