Is the world facing a second wave of COVID-19? | Inside Story

Just a few weeks ago, many governments thought they had the coronavirus under control. The number of cases was falling and the curve of infections flattening. Governments started lifting restrictions and reopening their economies.

Some were even praised for their successes and many people resumed their daily lives. But that optimisim hasn’t lasted.

A sudden record number of infections is being reported in many countries. Some call it a resurgence, others a comeback. And scientsists are debating how to identifiy and define what a ‘second wave’ is.

The World Health Organization says the virus is unfolding in one big wave with no evidence it is impacted by changes in seasons. And it predicts the pandemic is likely to go on for a long time.

Can lockdowns work this time? And what will the fallout be? Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra Guests Marcus Plescia, Chief Medical Officer of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, which represents health agencies across the United States. Arisina Ma, President of the Hong Kong Public Doctors’ Association. Azeddine Ibrahimi, Director of the Medical Biotechnology Laboratory at Rabat Médical School within the University Mohammed V.

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