The World Health Organization (WHO) announced a new test that can diagnose Covid-19 in just minutes.

This “major milestone” as described by the WHO will help developing countries that have shortages of healthcare workers and laboratories track Covid-19 cases faster.

The WHO reports that the delay in receiving test results hide the true scale of the infection rate in some regions such as India, Mexico.. etc.

The new test is highly portable and easy to use. It should be able to provide test results within 15 to 30 minutes, instead of hours and days.

Drug manufacturers Abbott and SD Biosensor have agreed with the charitable Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to produce 120 million of the tests, Dr. Tedros explained.

The deal covers 133 countries, including many in Latin America which is currently the region hardest-hit by the pandemic in terms of fatality and infection rates.

The benefits that the new test will provide include the expansion of the testing territory, it will enable countries to carry out tests in areas that are hard to reach and lack laboratories.

Source: BBC News

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